Lass uns kochen - Rezepten der sizilianischen Tradition
Lass uns kochen!
Rezepten der sizilianischen Tradition
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Diesen Film kannten wir schon. We've seen this movie before.
german können english can; may;

Plötzlich kamen dunkle Wolken. Suddenly dark clouds came.
german kommen english come; get; go

Was dachtest du, als du das Deutsch-Zertifikat bekommen hast? What did you think when you got the Deutsch-Zertifikat?
german denken english think; remember; think about

Das Buch fand ich sehr gut. I liked the book very much.
german finden english find; see; locate

Tim und Tom lebten sieben Jahre in Togo. Tim and Tom lived in Togo for seven years.
german leben english live; have; survive

Er brachte seiner Frau jeden Morgen einen Kaffee ans Bett. He brought his wife every morning a coffee to his bed.
german bringen english bring; get; take

Wo wart ihr? Where have you been?
german sein english be; have; exist

Sofia sagte immer ihre Meinung. Sofia always said her opinion.
german sagen english say; tell;

Nasseer fuhr an einen See. Nasseer drove to a lake.
german fahren english drive; go; continue

Ein Jahr später heirataten Nina und Ernst. A year later Nina and Ernst got married.
german heiraten english marry; get married; be married

Von 50 Jahren gab es keine Handys. There were no cell phones 50 years ago.
german geben english enter; give; type

Er nahm sein Auto. He took his car.
german nehmen english take; make; use

Er regnete den ganzen Tag. It rained all day.
german regnen english rain; be raining; shower

Der Schlüssel lag auf dem Boden. The key was on the floor.
german liegen english lie; be located

Mein Onkel starb mit 75 Jahren. My uncle died at the age of 75.
german sterben english die; kill; dead

Er wollte schwimmen. He wanted to swim.
german wollen english want to; want; wish

Du wusste ich nicht. I didn't know you.
german wissen english know; see; understand;

Maja kaufte viele Geschenke. Maja bought a lot of presents.
german kaufen english buy; purchase; shop

Learn German Online Easily and Free - Herzlich willkommen!

Are you a beginner and want to learn deutsch because you are thinking of going on holiday or moving to Germany, Switzerland, Austria or the other 35 German-speaking countries for business purposes? then this site is for you!

German isn't just spoken in Germany, yet in addition different nations in Europe: Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and in northern Italy, eastern Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, eastern France, portions of Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Romania, just as in different pieces of Europe.

Germany, known for designing, innovation, autos and history, is basically a place where there is thoughts, innovators and advancement. A trademark for quality and creativity, Germany has turned out to be one of Europe's top advancement pioneers. As the cutting edge of new advancements, Germany turns into a fascination for innovative work in different fields.

Germany is the third most mainstream goal among global understudies on the planet. In excess of twelve percent of understudies at German colleges originate from abroad. Germany welcomes youngsters from everywhere throughout the world to ponder in its very, universally well known University of Applied Sciences, Technical Universities and Universities of Fine Arts possessed by government states. What's more, best of all, most German colleges don't charge any education costs.

Numerous German organizations, for example, BMW, Daimler, Siemens, Lufthansa, SAP, Bosch, Infineon, BASF, and numerous others need worldwide accomplices. Learning of German expands openings for work with German. Knowing the language and culture of German colleagues improves relations and in this way the odds for compelling correspondence and fruitful participation.

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is a website where FREE German language resources are collected and reorganized, which will help you to learn german or improve your conversation by spending only 10 minutes a day! The content comes from some of the best sites and online services for studying German. At your disposal there will be video, audio, images, smartphone applications and much more that will make your study much more 'simple and effective. Unlike a few years ago, it is no longer necessary to attend boring courses or buy CDs, today in the Internet you can find many services, free and paid (but cheap) that will allow you to achieve excellent results in a reasonable time.

But how many of these methods are really effective?

There is not a universal method that is good for everyone, in this site I have collected the methods that, personally, I have considered most valid and that have helped me to improve the understanding of the German language. I have been living in Switzerland for 4 years and I started to study German almost immediately. It is a language, at least for me, very difficult, but at the same time fascinating. I decided to create this site because I also have the opportunity to periodically review the various topics and always be motivated.   We will constantly update the site by inserting new verbs to memorize and new topics of grammar. The important thing is to watch the videos and use the memorization apps that will help you with new sentences or words. If you like, you can join discussion groups created through the WowApp or Telegram service, so we can exchange ideas and tips on studying German.

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