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Herzlich willkommen! - A heartfelt welcome!
If you are thinking of going on holiday or moving to Germany, Switzerland, Austria or the other 35 countries for business purposes Countries where German is spoken, then this site can suit you!!!
Imparare il Tedesco is a website where FREE resources for the study of the German language are collected and reorganized, which will help you to improve the conversation spending only 10 minutes a day! The content comes from some of the best sites and online services for studying German. At your disposal there will be video, audio, images, smartphone applications and much more that will make your study much more 'simple and effective. Unlike a few years ago, it is no longer necessary to attend boring courses or buy CDs, today in the Internet you can find many services, free and paid (but cheap) that will allow you to achieve excellent results in a reasonable time.

But how many of these methods are really effective?
There is no universal method that is good for everyone, in this site I have collected the methods that, personally, I considered most valid and that helped me to improve my understanding of the German language. I have been living in Switzerland for 4 years and I started to study German almost immediately. It is a language, at least for me, very difficult, but at the same time fascinating. I decided to create this site because I also have the opportunity to periodically review the various topics and always be motivated.
We will constantly update the site with new verbs to memorize and new grammar topics. The important thing is to watch the videos and use the memorization apps that will help you with the new phrases or words.
If you like, you can join discussion groups created through the WowApp or Telegram service, so we can exchange ideas and tips on studying German.

Thanks for your visit and good learning!

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