bitten um (to ask for, chiedere qualcosa)

bitten um (to ask for, chiedere qualcosa)

(fonte: HERR PROFESSOR German from scratch for Busy Professionals)

Ich bitte dich um einen Gefallen.
(I ask you for a favor.)
I'm asking you for a favor.

Er bittet ihn um einen Gefallen.
(He asks him for a favor.)
He's asking him for a favor.

Ich möchte dich um einen Gefallen bitten.
(I would like you for a favor to ask.)
I'd like to ask you for a favor.

Sie möchte sie um Hilfe bitten.
(She would like her for help to ask.)
She'd like to ask her for help.

Sie hat mich gestern um Entschuldigung gebeten.
(She has me yesterday for pardon asked.)
She begged my pardon yesterday.

Ich habe ihn gestern um Entschuldigung gebeten.
(I have him yesterday for pardon asked.)
I begged his pardon yesterday.

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