einkaufen (to buy/go shopping, andare a fare la spesa)


(fonte: HERR PROFESSOR German from scratch for Busy Professionals)

Ich kaufe ein.
(I buy.)
I go shopping.

Ich kaufe nachher im Supermarkt ein.
(I buy later in the supermarket.)
I´ll go shopping in the supermarket later.

Ich kaufe Bananen im Supermarkt ein.
(I buy bananas in the supermarket.)
I'll buy bananas in the supermarket.

Ich muss noch Kartoffeln im Supermarkt einkaufen.
(I must still potatoes in the supermarket buy.)
I still have to buy potatoes in the supermarket.

Ich habe gestern eingekauft.
(I have yesterday bought.)
I went shopping yesterday.

Ich habe schon gestern Kartoffeln eingekauft.
(I have already yesterday potatoes bought.)
I've already bought potatoes yesterday.

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